• Alex Rogozhin

    Alex Rogozhin

    Infosec Analytics @ BB&T • Entrepreneur • MBA @DukeFuqua

  • Minahil Amin

    Minahil Amin

    Burningly curious | minamin.co

  • Emily H

    Emily H

    Journalist, content marketer, general hooligan

  • Kate Williamson Kaplan

    Kate Williamson Kaplan

    Strategy VP at @Centerline. Speaker for @NNgroup. Believer that UX and meaningful design can save the world. Also, I love dogs.

  • Jordan Lem

    Jordan Lem

  • Helen Crozier

    Helen Crozier

    sharing how to master technology while using it mindfully in order to live a happy, healthy & productive life. ~> www.helencrozier.com

  • Heather Curtis

    Heather Curtis

    #LifeSciences marketing rockstar. #MentalHealth advocate. Runner who hates #running.

  • Joseph Bond

    Joseph Bond

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